About Us

-Matt Lechtenberg, Founder of Name Your Frame
Family is important. Recharging at home is important. And expressing our authentic self is important. 

Several years ago while still in high-school, I created a picture frame, with our last name centered in the middle for my Mom as a Mother's day gift. She loved it, and it still hanging in the space between her front door and living room today. Initially I thought it would be a creative, home-warming, handmade gift, but it turned out to be much more than that. It became the central place that captured some of our best and most defining moments as a family. It became a regular reminder of who we were and what we stand for. 

Since then, I've had several others see a picture frame and want one for their family. Many of them have since told me "You gave us more than a great visual display, this has changed the feel of our home and how we carry ourselves"

As I've watched others become better versions of themselves, I've felt a pull to help others create their own tool!  I invite you to join our community and put your creativity and authentic self into the world!

-Matt Lechtenberg